David Rood Trumpet (banner)

David Rood, Professional Trumpet (headshot)"[David Rood] plays a smoky, evil trumpet with the soul of a harlot."
"He has been a guest performer with Three Weird sisters many times, adding brassy werewolf howls during performances of Cat Faber's Least of My Kind... He also adds sublime and sweet melody to Brenda Sutton's Pole Star."
~ Dr. Mary Crowell

"After Hours was a huge crowd pleaser during the reception - thank you for your commitment of time and talent"
~ Jennifer Mautz, president of Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra

"We sold out the banquet. We released two more tables. We sold it out again. If the band ever smokes any harder, we'll get in trouble with the fire marshal. People all dressed up in their finery, dancing the night way. There's few things that earn the designation "not to be missed", and this is one of them."
~ Rob Wynne on Play It With Moxie!, 2007

"And, I might add, you are the only band to move me to dance. Ever. In all my 47 years."
~ Peter Alway on Play It With Moxie!, January 2008

"I just spent three years in Afghanistan. I got off the plane, and I heard jazz, and I knew I was home."
~ said to the After Hours Quintet at the Atlanta Airport, 2010.